The Graduate Student Symposium is a student-hosted symposium at the National ACS meeting featuring talks from faculty who exemplify the selected topic. A group of students from a given university are chosen and responsible for planning a symposium that reaches out to the entire graduate community. This year, we have selected the topic of Chemical Biology to bring together all types of scientists in this multi-disciplinary symposium.

Chemical Biology:

Throughout the past century there have been major advances in the physical sciences allowing scientists to better understand many basic phenomena. Recent advancements in the field of chemistry have allowed biologists to begin understanding cellular processes at the molecular level. This has given rise to a new field of science that serves to bridge the gap between Biology and Chemistry. Chemical biology encompasses the entire chemical community ranging from physical chemists who develop novel techniques for examining ultrafast biological reactions, to synthetic chemists who identify and design novel chemical probes for biology as well as biological chemists who utilize these tools to further understand biological phenomena. The current generation of graduate students is vital to the development of this field as they have the potential to learn about and be exposed to these new methods and techniques as they are developed.

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